Pneumatic Control 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine With Three Section Belt

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Soome
Certification CE
Model Number SCX-D
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price contact
Packaging Details plastic film
Delivery Time 180 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 12 set per year
Product Details
Voltage 380v/440v Condition New
After-sales Service Provided Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas Type 7 Ply High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Application Machinery & Hardware Warranty 1 Year
Name High Speed 3 5 7 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Product Name Corrugated Cardboard Production Line,3/5 Ply Automatic Corrugated Board Plant
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corrugated box production line


carton production line

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Product Description

Pneumatic Control 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine With Three Section Belt




No Name Qty Remarks

Hydraulic Mill

Roll Stand


1.Hydraulic drive,pneumatic disc brake.expand

2.Hydraulic valve made in Beiye .

2 Railing for reels 14

1.6m railing with pulley

2.16# channel steel

3 Single Facer 3

1.adsorption,Dia360mm,easy change roller

2.Roller 48CrMo, high quality alloy steel

3.Digital show glue qty,glue part can remove

4.Electric adjust glue area

5.6pcs shaft,gimbal drive

4 Double Bridge 1

1.Adsorption type,frequency leading paper

2.Wind motor suction.electric correct error

5 Pre-heater 3

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

6 Pre-condition 3

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

7 Triplex pre-heater 1

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

8 Glue Machine 1

1.frequency control glue and figure show

2.PLC control , Dia288

3.Main bearing adopt NSK

4.Press roller suit for high temperature

9 Double Facer 1

1.Hot plate:600mm*18pcs

2.Air cylinder correct belt error

3.5with cooling section

4.Hydraulic lift-down the press roll and belt

10 NC Slitter Scorer 1

1.5blades with 8 line

  1. Electric adjust moving,allow steel blade
  2. List change time≤8s
11 NC cut off 1
  1. computer system adopt Taiwan
  2. Dia228mm,double helical knives

3.Cutting precision :±1mm

13 Auto stacker 1

1.Stacking length:3500mm

2.stacking height:250mm

14 Main Transmission 1
  1. Diameter :745

2.Rubber roller

15 Glue Making System 1

1.main pot 1 set, carrier pot 1 set, and storage pot 1set

2.glue station pump, single facer glue pump and gluing machine glue pump.

3.Circle supply glue, pipeline provided by customer

16 Pneumatic System 1

1.Separator and 1 set air storage Jar and air pump.

2.Pipes provided by customer.

17 Electric Device System 1

1.Adopt local famous brand

2.including wires from switch board to main motor.

18 Steam System 1 1.pipes above valves provided by customers.

Pneumatic Control 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine With Three Section Belt 0


 RS-1500H Hydraulic Shaft less Mill Roll Stand



*Symmetry structure could install two bundles real paper at the same time, and change the paper without any stop.

*Adopt hydraulic drive that could make the real paper lift-lower, clamp and release and move.

*Adopt pneumatic strain to adJiust the real paper.

*Expanding clips design.

*Tension control by pneumatic brake system, manual controlled and also can be controlled by splicer.


Railing for Reels

Railing and trucks material: Tang steel ,Jinan steel section

Bearing: from Ha, Wa, Luo





*The surface of the rolls are polished and plated with chrome.

*Electro motion adjust of the dimension of per-heater, and the range of adjustment:60-220 degree

*Per-heater rolls professional manufactured, consistent with national safety standards for pressure vessels.

* Pre-heater roller and paper guide roll are plated.

* Electro motion adjust of the dimension of per-heater,suit for different paper and speed.


SF-360S Single Facer


products characteristics :

* Cardboard transmitting method adopts wind absorption, and keep flute profiles stable under the running condition of high speed.

* The wind machine absorbs corrugated paper to corrugated rollers through vacuum box and form corrugated profile.

* The width of wind groove of lower roller is not exceeding 2.5mm,and will less fringe marks of single corrugated paperboard.

* Transmission part adopt gimbal transmission, away from vibration source, and make the transmission more steady and reliable, and easy to maintain.

*The speed reducing box is oil-lubricating, close gear transmission, and will reduce machine vibration.

* Glue unit adopts auto-supply glue circularly, pneumatically reset and has buffering effect.

* Glue area will be electrically adjusted, glue unit can be running independently when machine steppes, and prevent glue running out.

* Upper corrugated roller surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated.

*Glue unit independent drive, pump-draw style, easy maintain and clean.

*Corrugated forming unit is designed with small independent wall plate. The roller is easy to disassembly, maintain, and quickly change flute profiles.

* Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC 56-60, the surface are grinded and plated chrome.

*Flute profiles:A flute height 4.75mm C flute height 3.75mm B flute height 2.75mm Eflute height 1.8mm (the flute profiles can be made according to client`s requirements)

Parameter of main parts:

a. Upper-lower corrugated roller are made of high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, and after heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC 56-60, the surface are grinded and plated chrome.

b.Upper corrugated roller: ¢360mm lower corrugated roller: ¢360mm Origin: Wuxi

c. Pressure roller: ¢370mm, #45seamless steel pipe with quenching treatment

d. Applicator glue roller: ¢250mm 45# seamless seel pipe, from Chengdu

surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated

e.Doctor glue roller: ¢140mm, 20# seamless seel pipe, from Chengdu

f. Pre-heating roller : ¢400mm 20G steel from Ji Steel Wall thickness:20mm


MH-900Triplex Pre-heater



* Each roller surface is well whetted and chrome plated sooth and durable.

* Electro motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, the range of adjustment: 60-220 °

*The pre-heating roller is made according to national container safety standard

*Pre-heating roller and guiding paper roller are eclectically galvanized

* Electro motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, suitable with different grades of paper and machinery speed


GL-288D Gluing machine



*Independent engine transmitting, conversion control

* Applicator roller surface are treated by mesh snicked and chrome plated.

Doctor roller and presser roller are well whetted and plated chrome.

* Pressure paper unit of pressure roller is pneumatic, flexible and convenient to operate

* Auto-circulating supply glue, so as to prevent the glue deposited.

* Adopting pre-heating set, so as to avoid glue burnted.

* All raw materials of pre-heating roller, applicator roller, dividing glue roller is from Chengdu seamless steel pipe factory.


DF-745 Double facer system (including driving unit)



*Whole body is high strength channel steel, stable, beautiful, suitable for high speed machinery running.

*Heating plate is made according to national container safety standard, of 600mm steel. Inside, S type construction will raise the steam usage efficiency. More welded rods will keep heating plate unchanged in shape.

*Heating section is tense pressure roller structure, cardboard sticks firmly and levels off.

*Steam pipes enter mouth, drainage mouth is S type, heating plate temperature is balanced and evenly.

*Heating plate’s temperature is different in different section, suitable to different machinery speed.

*Heating section pressure roller is hydraulic lifting whole body, stable, safety and reliable.

* The upper canvas strap is equipped electro motion or manual deflection adjusting set, one pneumatic strain set, one manual strain set. The lower canvas is equipped strain and left-right adjustment set.

* Drive unit adopts wearable, mesh rubber of big diameter, less belt skip, and raise stability when machinery running

*Independent speed reducing box, less noise, roller diameter¢745mm adopts seal oil lubricating gears.


NC Slitter Scorer



High quality imported industry computer ad PLC equipped composing the CNC system.

High quality beeline rail and high –precision screw conveying guarantees a

≤±0.5mm slitting and scoring precision.

A memory of 999 orders. Non-stop changeover or manual change over can be realized.

Automatic synchronize with the corrugator and can also get in line with manufacture management system. High compatibility.

Quick changeover within 3 to 8 seconds. Application of two machine can realize non-speed reduction changeover.

Thin tungsten steel alloy blade, sharp and long life of over 8 million meters.

Patent grinding system applied for easy grinding and maintenance.

Computer controlled auto grinding and manual grinding also applicable. Alternatively grinding to increase efficiently.

Three score types for single wall, double wall and triple wall, which can also be altered with electrical driven system. Scoring can also be computer controlled with fine scoring results.

Imported synchronous belt applied for conveying with higher precision, longer life and lower noise.


NC-200N N.C rotary cutoff



*Special structure design, high tensile strength wall plate and seat, there are watching window on wall plate two sides, convenient and easy to maintain.

* Transmitting system adopts oil pump auto-cycling lubricating, make sure transmitting precision.

*Adopting high precision, high rigidity whetted gears, bearing high running and durable, make sure blade-edge joggle exactly, cardboard is level off and clean

*high precision shaft, blade carrier design, cutting stably when machine high speed running

*Special changing blade structure, quickly and easily changing blade

*The system is made according to C.E. standard, and has been strictly tested by industry computer. The quality, life, and stability can be guaranteed.

*Driving unit adopts A.C. Servo drive, quickly and exactly acts.

*Special electricity structure design, more saving electricity, can avoid the problems of not stable electricity.

*Adopts special power bring and storage type design, save electric and could overcome electric voltage not steady environment.

*System has self test function, can prevent machine loss because of abnormal usage and false operation

* Computer automatically adjusts cutting speed according to cardboard specifications and production speed, automatically follow cardboard running speed, assure in –phase.

* Computer reserves 999 groups of order, and auto-complete based on the program and preferential condition, the screen display various production message.

*Cutting length: 500~9999mm,cutting precision :±1mm.

*Rotary blade is made in Tainwan

*Shaft bearings are from NSK, Japan, suitable for machine high speed running, durable.


Auto Stacker


Characteristics :

Frequency conversion motor, inverter control board stacking conveyor, conveyor speed synchronization and cardboard speed;

Automatic counting, vacuum adsorption type automatically change the heap, change,change, change, not accurate heap wound paperboard;

Flat belt type stacking platform, stacking reaches a set number of frequency conversion control automatic steady lateral paper;

The paper side with two rows of aluminum alloy roll paper frame, the paper does not hurt the cardboard, convenient and direct turning plate, packing, palletizing;

The standard 8 "color touch screen, convenient field operation monitoring;

Standard communication interface, with central monitoring management system network, realize the automatic change orders and order management;

Automatic operation control, improve efficiency, save the manpower, reduces the labor intensity of the operator


GF-T Glue making system



* Providing starch adhesive for single facer and gluing machine, etc.

* Horizontal glue making machine can produce main body glue and carrying body glue, and mix and stir, the glue making quantity is large.

*In glue making shop, glue inside store barrel will be sent to store barrel of every using glue machine, and supply their glue.


*Store barrel, supply glue barrel have stir device, to avoid glue deposit.

* The glue making system are including carrying body barrel, main body barrel, store barrel, and glue supplying pump, and back- glue pump, etc.

*The glue making system adopts auto-cycling supply glue, extra glue will follow back back-glue barrel. The glue level will be auto-controlled, the glue inside back-glue barrel will be sent back to store barrel of using glue machine, cyclically supply glue, to save glue and prevent glue burned and deposited.

*After work finished, the extra glue of each using glue machine will be drawn to store barrel of glue shop by pump, for next time usage.

* Responsible technical guide and advising adhesive agent formulation


GF-T Pneumatic system



* To provide compressed air for whole production line, and keep working pressure stable. *Compressed air station supply compressed air, pressure is stable and quantity is enough.

* The air will be filtered in the station, to keep air clean and stable.

* Each air-using machine will get air through main pipeline, independently control and not affecting with other.

* Each air-using machine will adjust air pressure according to actual requirement, equipped with pressure monitor dial plate.

* The pipelines with machinery will be made of copper or high quality of PVC pipe, reliable and durable.

* Before the compressed air enter into the air-using machine, second filter and oil-frog treatment will be required, so as to make sure relative parts normal and safety used.

*Combines pneumatic system and electric control system into one body, operate them together.


EF-T Electric control system



* Whole production line will be completely controlled, while main line is including single facer group, double facer, slitter, cutoff.

* The comprehensive usage of pneumatic control, pneumatic control, electric control, to make sure the advance of whole production line control.

* Each machine are designed to have two systems, independent control and cross point control, can meet the need of each machine independently works, and of the working together with other machines.

* There is caution system among machines, so as to coordinate the work of each operator.

* Each operation desk can correctly show the working speed of other machine.

*B,C machine and double facer have speed indicating device.

*Regular low voltage electric appliances Zhengtai


SP-S Steam system



*Supplying steam for whole production line and steam using machine, keep working temperature stable.

* Each machine has independent small steam system, five section control temperature, save resource, easily adjust.

* Control working temperature can be completed by adjusting steam pressure, and equipped pressure monitoring dial plate.

* Each drainage water unit has side way to drain air, the machine will become cooling very soon when it stopped.

*Floating ball supply water device, 1/2 metal soft pipe and ball valves connect with side way, plunger valve.

*Pipeline system connects with rotary heating parts by metal soft pipes, so as to expand the usage life of rotary joints.

All steam pipelines are of seamless steel pipes, make sure safety usage under high pressure.

All steam pipelines surface are painted with rusty-preventing paint, brush sliver-power.