Cardboard Boxes Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Corrugated Single Facer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Soome
Certification: CE
Model Number: SCX-D
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: contact
Packaging Details: plastic film
Delivery Time: 180 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 12 set per year
Detail Information
Voltage: 220v/380v/440v Condition: New
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas Type: 3&5&7 Ply High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Automatic Grade: Automatic Driven Type: Electric
Application: Machinery & Hardware Warranty: 1 Year
Name: High Speed 3 5 7 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Product Name: Corrugated Cardboard Production Line,3/5 Ply Automatic Corrugated Board Plant
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corrugated box production line


carton production line

Product Description

Cardboard Boxes Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Corrugated Single Facer




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Hydraulic Mill

Roll Stand


1.Hydraulic drive,pneumatic disc brake.expand

2.Hydraulic valve made in Beiye .

2 Railing for reels 14

1.6m railing with pulley

2.16# channel steel

3 Single Facer 3

1.adsorption,Dia360mm,easy change roller

2.Roller 48CrMo, high quality alloy steel

3.Digital show glue qty,glue part can remove

4.Electric adjust glue area

5.6pcs shaft,gimbal drive

4 Double Bridge 1

1.Adsorption type,frequency leading paper

2.Wind motor suction.electric correct error

5 Pre-heater 3

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

6 Pre-condition 3

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

7 Triplex pre-heater 1

1.Dia900mm, electric adjust wrapping angle

2.Wall Thickness 18

8 Glue Machine 1

1.frequency control glue and figure show

2.PLC control , Dia288

3.Main bearing adopt NSK

4.Press roller suit for high temperature

9 Double Facer 1

1.Hot plate:600mm*18pcs

2.Air cylinder correct belt error

3.5with cooling section

4.Hydraulic lift-down the press roll and belt

10 NC Slitter Scorer 1

1.5blades with 8 line

  1. Electric adjust moving,allow steel blade
  2. List change time≤8s
11 NC cut off 1
  1. computer system adopt Taiwan
  2. Dia228mm,double helical knives

3.Cutting precision :±1mm

13 Auto stacker 1

1.Stacking length:3500mm

2.stacking height:250mm

14 Main Transmission 1
  1. Diameter :745

2.Rubber roller

15 Glue Making System 1

1.main pot 1 set, carrier pot 1 set, and storage pot 1set

2.glue station pump, single facer glue pump and gluing machine glue pump.

3.Circle supply glue, pipeline provided by customer

16 Pneumatic System 1

1.Separator and 1 set air storage Jar and air pump.

2.Pipes provided by customer.

17 Electric Device System 1

1.Adopt local famous brand

2.including wires from switch board to main motor.

18 Steam System 1 1.pipes above valves provided by customers.

Cardboard Boxes Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Corrugated Single Facer 0


RS-1500H Hydraulic Shaft less Mill Roll Stand


Technical Parameter:

* Stand move mode: Full hydraulic action

* Working width: Max 1800mm Min 900mm

* Paper diameter: Max¢1500mm Min¢350mm

* Stand main bearing diameter: ¢210mm

* Air working pressure(MPa):0.6~0.9MPa

* Total power:4.0kw

* Working power:Pressure440V Frequency50Hz

* Dimension:4650×1600×1650(L×W×H)


Railing for Reels


Technical Parameter:

1. applicable to corrugated line width:1800mm

2. Dimensions: 6000mm×300mm×170mm(length x width x height)

3. pulley size :700mm*300mm*220m(length x width x height)



Technical Parameter

* Working width:1800mm

* Pre-heater Roll Diameter:¢900mm *Angle adjustment range:60~270 degree

* Steam temperature:150~200℃ *Steam consumption:0.25t/h

* Steam pressure:0.8~1.3MPa

* Working power:Electricity pressure440V Frequency50Hz

* Total power:0.55kw

* Dimension:3200mm×1300mm×1200mm(L×W×H)


SF-360S Single Facer


A . Parameter :

Machine width: max 1800mm, min: 900mm

Max speed: 200m/min

Working pressure: 0.6-0.9Mpa, steam work pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa

Steam consumption: 0.65-1t/h Temperature requirements: 160-200℃

Machine power: 42.45kw Working power: 440V, 50Hz

Dimension: 3800mm*2400mm*2300mm


MH-900Triplex Pre-heater


Technical Parameter

* Working width:1800mm

* Pre-heater Roll Diameter:¢900mm

* Angle adjustment range:60~220 degree

* Steam temperature:150~200℃

* Steam consumption:0.35~0.45t/h

* Steam pressure:0.8~1.3MPa

* Total power:1.65kw

* Electricity pressure:Electricity pressure440V Frequency50Hz

* Dimension:3200mm×1300mm×3600mm(L×W×H)


GL-288D Gluing machine


Technical Parameter:

* Working width:1800mm

* Machinery speed:180mm/min

* Temperature required:150~200℃ *Steam pressure:1.12~1.3MPa

* Steam consumption:0.1~0.15MPa *Compressed air:0.6~0.9MPa

* Total power:4.6kw

* Electricity:380V 50Hz

* Dimension:3500mm×1200mm×1800mm (Lx W x H)

* Pressing paper method: pressure roller style

* Pre-heating roller diameter:325mm wall thickness 20 whetted and chrome plated

* Guiding paper roller diameter:120mm wall thickness 15 whetted and chrome plated

* Applicator glue roller diameter:288mm wall thickness 30 whetted and chrome plated

* Dividing glue roller diameter:120mm wall thickness 15 whetted and chrome plated.


DF-745 Double facer system (including driving unit)


Technical Parameter:

Working width:1800mm

Max. machinery speed:180m/min Working speed:120-150m/min

Temperature required:160~200℃ Steam pressure:0.8~1.3MPa

Steam consumption:1.2~1.8t/h Compressed air pressure:0.6~0.9MPa

Heating plate length:10980mm(600mm×18) cooling section length:6000mm

Total power:59kw

Electricity: 440V 50Hz

Dimension: 18640mm×2600mm×1950 mm (Lx W x H)


NC Slitter Scorer


Technical Parameter

* Design speed:180m/min

* Max. slitting width:1800mm

* 5 blades 8 scores

* the whole machine can move left-right ±90mm

* Whole machine dimension:3680×1350×2340

* Total power:17.7kw

* Electricity:440V 50Hz

* Working pressure:0.6~0.9 MPa

* Comparative moisture:20%~90% *Temperature required:5~50℃


NC-200N N.C rotary cutoff


Technical parameter

Working width: 2500mm

Max. cutting speed:200m/min

Cutting cardboard:max. 9999mm min. 500mm

Cutting precision:±1mm in stable speed

Cardboard: original paper: <360g/ liner paper<200g/

thickness3-14mm moisture content <10%

min. width warping1000mm <30mm

Comparative moisture content:20%~90% comparative temperature:5℃-50℃

Steam pressure:0.6-0.9MPa

Cutting cardboard blade shaft diameter:upper¢ 224 mm low¢ 228 mm

Guiding cardboard shaft diameter: front upper ¢165mm(sun wheel) front lower¢135mm

Back upper ¢165mm back lower¢135mm

Electricity :voltage 440V frequency 50Hz current 80A

Total power:32.58kw

Dimension:3000mm×1600mm×1500mm(length x width x height)


Auto Stacker



Working length: 3500 mm;

Stacking height: 250 mm;

Stacking speed: Max 200 m / minute;

Effective width: 2500 mm.


GF-T Glue making system


Technical Parameter

horizontal agitator:main body barrel volume 950L 1set

Carrying body barrel volume 350L 1set

Store barrel volume in glue making shop: 1000L 2set

Single facer store barrel volume: 350L 2set

Single facer back- glue barrel volume: 350L 2set

Secondary glue machine store barrel volume: 350L 1set

Secondary glue machine back- glue barrel volume:350L 1set

Electricity:voltage 440V frequency 50Hz current 25A

Machine total power:23.9kw


GFT Pneumatic system


Technical Parameter

Working pressure:0.8-1.0MPa Environment temperature:-5℃----+50℃

Compressed air output: 0.9/min Store barrel volume:0.9m3

Working electricity: 440V 50Hz

System total power: 7.5kw intermittent work


EF-T Electric control system


Technical Parameter

Working power:380V 50Hz 300A

Control electricity pressure:220V 50Hz 30A


SP-S Steam system


Technical parameters

Steam consumption: 1.2-1.8t/h


Boiler pressure:13MPa

Temperature inside pipes: 160-200℃

Steam pressure:0.8-1.3MPa

Single facer enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter:¢32mm

Pre-heater enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter¢32mm

Duplex-heater enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter¢32mm

Gluing machine enter steam pipe dia.:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter¢32mm

Baker and finalizing enter steam pipe diameter:¢48mm Drainage steam pipe diameter ¢32mm


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