High Speed Automatic Box Stitching Machine Electric For Corrugated Paper Box

Place of Origin Hebei,China
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number SM-ZDD-3000
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Packaging Details Wooden case or plastic film
Delivery Time 35 Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 15 Set / Months
Product Details
Driven Type Electric Automatic Grade Automatic
Voltage 380V/220V /440V Power 25 KW
Port Tianjin Port Warranty 12 Months
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Product Description

High Speed Automatic Box Stitching Machine Electric For Corrugated Paper Box
Introduction to the performance :
1. SM-ZDD 3000 Automatic high speed gluing stitching machine,The whole machine consists of five parts: paper feeding, folding, correcting, nailing and counting and outputting.,PLC digital display speed regulation, touch screen computer amplitude modulation, with simple, fast, reliable and accurate operation mode, automatic paper feeding (glue coating), automatic folding, automatic correction, automatic nail box, automatic counting stack output, synchronous double frequency conversion control.Gluing design speed 160m/min,stitching design speed 80m/min,High efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection are our highest pursuit.
2. The whole machine modelling is beautiful, the color is soft, the module type design enables you to add or subtract the unit arbitrarily;
3. Set up order memory storage (can store 1000 orders), easy to change order, adjust the size of the machine only 3-15 minutes;
4. Stick box, nail box function one key switch;
5. This machine is a folding machine, can be connected to the printing ink printing machine, to achieve printing, sticky box, nail box line production;
6. The automatic box-turning machine and the automatic strapping machine can be matched;

  • Applicable to a wide range of cartons, different sizes of cartons easy and fast adjustment.

Product structure:
I.Feeder paper part:
1. Vacuum absorbent belt feeding paper; front board lifting and front and back both sides of the baffle are electric adjustment, support board and side gauge are used high quality aluminum profile, quick and convenient adjustment;
2. increase the side beat device, adjust the double straight line optical axis and ball screw, and send paper stable and orderly.
3. soft hard medium rubber roller contact surface makes cardboard surface not easy to damage, ensure that cardboard output does not skew;
4. fan air assisted paper feeding, according to different cardboard, air volume adjustment to ensure smooth supply of paper;
5. Auto-circulating glue supply for glue coating department; paste barrel is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to various glue corrosion and easy to clean.
6. Select high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the paper supply department can be single or continuous operation, effectively control the waste of cardboard in size adjustment and the accuracy of output cardboard.
7. Use 7 inch ultra clear touch screen to control, adjust conveniently and change orders quickly.
II. Folding part:
1. The side plate of the machine is moved by a new type of straight-line guide rail and ball screw assembly structure, which has small resistance, no noise and easy maintenance; electric adjustment shortens the adjustment time and improves the adjustment accuracy;
2. The front section is equipped with forming pre-pressing device and forming press line, and the middle section is added into a constitutive inner folding wheel to correct the deviation of cardboard pit line accurately and effectively, so that the whole carton can complete the most accurate folding.
3. The relative distance between guide wheel and folder can be adjusted according to the thickness of cardboard to make cardboard forming edges and corners more beautiful.
III. Correction Department:
1. make the folded carton plastic before the nail box, reduce the carton scissors mouth.
2. Servo-driven beating device (which can be adjusted according to different lengths and transverses of cardboard) is equipped to correct the cardboard shaping degree and ensure the neatness of the cardboard shaping.
3. adopt imported rubber belt to ensure that the carton is not inclined during transportation.
4. The calibration part is controlled by double servo, and is pressed into the nail box by synchronous belt. The boxes are neat without scissors. The pressure of cardboard is automatically adjusted by the stretching device on both sides of the drive belt.
IV.Stitching part:
1. Nail head is driven directly by servo motor, and nail is accurate and stable.
2. Swing head, fast speed, high precision, long life; head can move left and right horizontally, effectively solve the nailing forming problem of small size of carton side mark.
3. The nail head is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. The lubrication time and oil quantity can be set freely according to the actual production situation.
4. The upper and lower belts of the nail box are separately driven by servomotors, and the scissors difference can be corrected once and for all.
5.The main parts of the nail head are made of Japanese die steel, and the cutting and slicing die are imported from Germany.
6.Single nail, double nail and reinforcing nail can be fasten to meet diversified demands of different products.
7. Two sets of nail line automatic feeding, shorten the time of wire replacement.
IIV.Counting output unit:
1.Simple and durable, electric racket, reciprocating cycle, automatic correction, automatic counting, automatic sending out, using moving anti-skid belt, the upper and lower stripes press the output neatly and smoothly.
2. Computer count, can be set according to customer needs packaging quantity.
Machine parts selection:

1. The machine uses 380 V AC, power 25.0 KW, energy saving, efficient.

2. PLC Computer components, frequency-conversion components, servo are selected high-quality imported brand components, cylinders, solenoid valves using Yadak.
3. The belt uses the Italian import ring seamless docking belt.
4. The bearing selects the domestic famous brand person-based bearing.
5. Screw rod, lead screw, nut are selected 4 high-quality steel, quenching processing.
Technical parameters:


Type SM-ZDD-3000
Max paper size 1200*3000mm
Min paper size 350*800mm
Mechanical mounting dimension 4300*18500mm
Power 25.0KW
Machine weight ABOUT 18.0T

Spare Part :


NO. Name Brand Place of production
1. Suction belt NITA Japan
2. Paper belt AIMALA SHANGHAI,China
3. Electromagnetic clutch   SHANGHAI,China
4. Gear motor AIMOXIN Taiwan, China
5. High pressure positive blower OUGUAN Taiwan,China
6. Air cylinder YADEKE Taiwan,China
7. Converter motor MENGNIU Hengshui,China
8. Chain CHAOHE Japan
10. Nylon wheel   Japan
11. Ball screw   Japan
12. PLC ABB American
13. Frequency converter ABB American
14. Touch screen ABB American
15. Bearing RENBEN Japan
16. An electric appliance Schneider France
17. Switch Schneider France

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