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Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine

Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine

  • Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine
  • Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine
Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: SOOME
Certification: CE
Model Number: SMDX-DP-2400
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Wapped With Film
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Automatic Grade: Semi-Auto
Driven Type: Electric Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Customized Weight: 2T
High Light:

carton stitching machine


corrugated box stitching machine

Single Piece Carton Box Stitching Machine , Electric Type Auto Stitching Machine




The automatic / semi automatic nail box machine is also used more in the carton factory. Compared with the manual nail box machine, the automatic / semi-automatic nail box machine is not only efficient in production, but also keeps the nail box evenly spaced and beautiful. The main difference between the automatic nail box machine and the semi-automatic nail box machine lies in the automation of paper feeding. The delivery paper of the automatic nail box machine is folded by the paper feeding device and sent to the nail box for the nail box and the semi automatic pin box machine is folded and sent by the artificial cardboard. The semi automatic nailing box machine is generally of horizontal structure, which is divided into two types: single chip type and double sheet type nail box machine. The double sheet nail box machine has complex structure and full function. It can nail single carton and two page carton. The paperboard conveying mechanism comprises four upper and lower driving rubber wheels, a paper feeding rubber wheel, a back baffle adjusting device, a left and right baffle, a transmission mechanism, etc. The electric adjustment device is used for adjusting the gap of the feed wheel, which is suitable for various types of cardboard with different thickness. The compound transmission design of nail head combined with the advantages of gear box and chain transmission is easy to maintain and maintain, with low failure rate and high efficiency transmission.



1. Electronic control system: the color touch screen provides a good man-machine interface, completes the automatic setting of nail distance, strengthens the nail setting and cancels, and troubleshooting. The LC programmable controller system is stable and reliable. The AC servo motor controls the advance and stop of the cardboard, ensuring the nail spacing is uniform and accurate.

2. The automatic counting light eye can automatically count the output of the finished product, and it can set the separation and delivery, and cooperate with the ending machine of the back section.
The key of the nail box machine is the quality of the nail car and the nail head.

3. The nail head is made of special steel, and the patent swing type block is light and practical. basic operation.
4. Preparatory process before the nail box: adjust the position of the main baffle according to the rocking cover of the carton; adjust the position of the left and right baffles and the position of the upper and lower nail heads, should pay attention to the tight of the left and right baffles, ensure the cardboard inserting and pulling out smoothly; after the mechanical adjustment is completed, the electroencephalograph of the touch screen is set: the height of the carton = the original paper box high -40mm paper The number of box nails, carton spacing should be strengthened, nails and other settings work single or double pieces of choice, after the above work has been set, the nail box can be carried out.
5. The actual process of the nailing box: the feeding of the cardboard by the servo motor, the nail motor drive the nail head to complete the nail box. The driving shaft with the clutch and brake driven by the nail head motor is driven by the crank mechanism under the action of the clutch. When the first nail movement is completed, the cardboard rear baffle pick up the cardboard, and the crank mechanism takes the step movement to drive the paper roller wheel, and then stops after the predetermined nail distance, and immediately carries on second Nail. Troubleshooting.
6. Nailed head motor is not running, check whether the solenoid valve is tripping. The nail head clutch has no action. Nail inside the nail, remove the nail head side cover, remove the punch, clean it and add the lubricating oil to reload it. The automatic start switch is not started. The single chip and double chip selector switches are placed on a single chip. The photoelectric switch of the upper head baffle has no action to adjust the induction distance of the photoelectric switch. The center shaft of the lower rail can not be induced, causing the paper not to be sent in, that is, nailing.
7. Nail head continuous nail solid state relay damage, replace DC solid state relay. Close to the induction switch fault.
8. Nailed head positioning is not accurate to check F3 fuse 34-35 (AC). F9 fuse 50-51 (DC). The resistance line of the brake coil is 15 Omega.
9. The paper toothed belt conveyor does not operate. The screen shows abnormal servo. Turning off the total power supply in the electrical cabinet for 3 minutes, the machine can be returned when it is turned on. Check whether the toothed belt drive shafts are rotatable. After troubleshooting, press the screen to reset the keys to resume operation. Servo motor overcurrent, press the control box 10Hp electromagnetic switch below the white plastic handle, you can resume.
10. Files of cardboard paper conveyor belt in the continuous operation of the right gear count photoelectric induction intensity is too strong, adjust the eye profile knob, clockwise increase, the counter clockwise direction is weak.
11. When the cardboard is sent in, the baffle plate does not open the baffle without photoelectric induction. The induction distance should be adjusted, but not too long. Nail head, remove the nail and remove the nails and clean them.
12. The bad length of the hook is not up to 36mm. It is difficult to check whether the spring of the feeding wheel is too loose or the offset of the guide rail causes the wire feeding difficult. The screw of the feeding wheel is loosened, and the shaft is not spur. The nail line does not conform to the specifications of the machine. The bottom die of the nail head and the head of the punch are not correct.
13. Inaccurate pressure gauge pressure gauge was less than 2bar. The toothed belt has been worn out, and the height of the belt is not consistent. The left and right baffles are too tight, resulting in poor delivery.
14. After the carton is formed, the upper and lower covers are worn on the upper and lower sides of the irregularly toothed belts, and the clearance between the sides of the belts is too large or different. The paper was not sent to the baffle for positioning. The carton is not deep enough, and the carton is too skewed before folding. Maintenance semi-automatic nailing box machine has lower failure rate and higher reliability. Maintenance is very important.
15. The nail head punch is lubricated once a day, and every 30 days, the nail head is cleaned and refueling.
16. The nail head is accumulated in the punch because of the small scrap from the nail line plating. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly.
17. Three belts of belt conveyor bolt, groove shaft, left and right baffle, and butter for 30 days.
18. Clutch and brake can't have oil water
19. The servomotor must be kept clean and avoid dust covering. It is necessary to clean the dust filter net of the servo motor driver frequently.
20. The electrical control box is kept clean to avoid dust.


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min working size
height of feeder
stitch pitch
number of stitching
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