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Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System

Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System

  • Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
  • Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
  • Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
  • Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
  • Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: SOOME
Certification: CE
Model Number: SMZX-PL
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Contact
Packaging Details: Wooden case or plastic film 5*40'' Container by Shipping from Tianjin port
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5 Set/month
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Detailed Product Description
Condition: New Processing Type: Production Line
Voltage: As Your Need Product Type: Paper Board
Warranty: 12 Months Place Of Origin: Hebei, China
High Light:

corrugated paperboard production line


carton production line

Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System


It is mainly composed of mill roll stand,single-roller pre-heater,single facer , overbridge,multi-roller pre-heater,pasting machine, double facer machine, cutting machine,slitting machine,sheet stand,NC cut off and stacking machine as well as glue making system,electric control system and so on.

Workflow: The paper shall be transmitted from mill roll stand to single- roller pre-heating and humidity adjusting,to single facer for further heating, fluting and gluing to be single corrugated sheet,then to overbridge through pulling for orderly transmitting,to multi-roller pre-heater for again heating,to pasting machine for gluing , to double facer for bottom paper combination to be corrugated sheet,to slitting machine and NC cut off required sheet and lastly to stacking machine for stacking and outputting.






1. Manufacture width: 1600mm

2. Design speed: 100m/min Working speed:80m/min

3. Note: The roll paper which is used to test the production speed should meet following requirements:

    *Grade: Min. B * Moisture content: 11% ± 2%

    *Face paper: 100~250g/m2 * Liner paper: 100~150g/m2

   * Corrugated paper: 100- 200g/m2

4. Flute profiles: A,B,C ,E flute(as per clients request)

5. Steam requirements

Steam consumption:2500kg/h Air compressor pressure:0.8~1.1Mpa

6. Electricity: 380V, 50Hz,three-phase four wire type

7. Equipment Direction:Left or Right transmission will be according to client’s requirements.

8. Factory request size:specific length as to the foundation of drawing


Buyer supply part

  1. Air compressor , air pipe line and glue pipeline.
  2. Main power, electric wire from operate box to main power.
  3. Water supply, pipeline and barrel.
  4. Water, electric and gas, main ground foundation.
  5. Test machine use Raw materials ( paper roll, corn starch, caustic soda, sodium borax) to test machinery.
  6. Machine use oil, lubricate oil and high temperature lubricate oil
  7. Installing engineer’s food, hotel and supply enough workers to help installing and test machine.
  8. Boiler 2T supply by customer and the pressure 1.25Mpa and the working pressure is 0.8~1.1Mpa.

Electric Reel Stand


► Structure and Features:


1.Symmetrical structure,can carry two kraft paper at one time,which can work without brake.

2.Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition operated by electric mechanic.feeding kraft / reel paper quickly.


Spec of stand:


1. Reel Stand driven by electric

2. Kraft paper range:

Max. Width:1600mm Min.:800mmmm

Max Weight:2000Kg(One side)


Spec of electric motor:


1. Reel Paper Nipping Motor Power: 500W*4pcs

2. Nominal voltage:380V 50Hz Short Time(S2) Working Type

3. Lifting Motor Woking Power: 1.5KW

4. Nominal voltage:380V 50Hz Short Time(S2) Working Type


Kraft paper feeding ground rack & trolly


► Structure and Features:


1. To feed the kraft paper to reel stand.

2. The whole body of rack is under the ground, main frame: Model 14 channel steel with ¢ 20mm drawing bar weld together,overall length 4500mm.

3. Two racks for one reel stand to feed the kraft paper at both side.


Preheater Ø 600mm


Structure and Features:


1. The preheater roller is under the stander of the 1st class(grade) pressure vessel of the national.

2. All the surfaces of every rollers have been grinded with high accuracy and chromed plated to less the resistance of paper preheating, long service of using life.

3. Electric to enlarge the preheating area, preheating area can be in 360° to adjust the preheating


Common Spec:

1. Working Width: 1600mm

2. Diameter of the Preheater cylinder:Φ600mm Diameter of the roller for Preheating :Φ85mm

3. Steam temperature: 150-200℃ Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa

4. Working Power: 380V 50Hz

5. Power:250W Short Time(S2) Working Type


280CR Single Facer


► Structure and Features:


Glue Rollers:





Processing Way


Surface of glue roller is grinded, then with 25 line rut type net dot,then plating chrome

Surface of glue banlance roller is grinded then plating chrome


Control Way


Cylinder control of the Lifting Up-down


Glue supply Glue circulating system (storage tank)


Corrugated Rollers:




Down Roller:Φ280mm




48CrMo high quality alloy steel, rigidity HRC55°-58°


Processing Way


The surface of upper-lower roller is plating chrome, annealing, hardening and tempering, surface grinded


Fulte Type




Heating way of the reel paper


Steam heating



Press Rollers:








medium steel (MS)45#


Processing Way


The surface is grinded then plating chrome, hardening and tempering(With Buffer)


Control Way

Cylinder control of the Lifting Up-down



Preheater Rollers:




UP Roller:Φ320mm




seamless steel tube


Material band or origin


Tianjin Iron & Steel


All connected by flexible metallic tubes



Common Spec:


Style of Transmit cardboard


Vacuum Cover adsorbable style, Hight pressure Draw fan.with wind control Adjusting & noise deadening device.


Style of Control Roller


Pneumatic control the upper roller, pressure roller and glue roller


Driving Way:With frequency inverter



Common Spec:

  • Working width: 1600mm
  • Design Speed:100m/min Working Speed: 80m/min
  • Temperature: 180—200℃
  • Air pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa

Spec of Motor:

  • Main Motor: 7.5kw
  • Nominal voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type

Gluer machine


► Structure and Features:

  • After the glue roller surface quenched, bore machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved pit style textured, coating evenly, consume less glue.
  • Glue roller rotation frequency motor control, the inverter control ensures glue line speed and duplex roller synchronous machines, and can operate independently.
  • Electric adjustment digital glue. Automatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation and viscosity stability.
  • Pneumatic presses structure, trimming the gap by the electric.
  • Sided machine speed signal measurements taken in order to achieve its synchronous operation. Man-machine interface display, easy operation.

► Common Spec:


1. Preheater cylinder temperature range: 150—180℃ Steam pressure: 0.8—1.2Mpa

2. Pneumatic system: 0.4—0.7Mpa


► Spec of the rollers’ diameter:


1. Glue roller:Φ269mm Glue amount adjusting roller:Φ140mm

2. Down preheater roller:Φ402mm Up preheater roller: Φ374mm Paper roller:Φ86mm


► Spec of Motor:


1. Glue rollers frequency variable motor: 3KW

Nominal voltage: 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type

2. Glue quantity adjustment motor:250W

Nominal voltage:380V 50Hz Short time (S2) working Type

3. Glue pump motor: 2.2KW

Nominal voltage: 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type


OHB Conveying Bridge


Structure and Features:


1. The Main Frame is connected with channel steel, and angle steel.

2. With Protecting Handrail on both sides and safety pedal, the operation side is installed with safety ladder, to make sure the safety and convenience of the worker.

3. Vacuum suction tension control, suction pipe with adjusting valve,draw fan power can be adjusted freely.

4. Correct the position by double guide posts , correct parts are driven by screw , fast and accuracy to position, steady to move.


► Spec of the rollers:


1. Paper feeding rollers & tension rollers:Φ127mm transport rollers:Φ110mm

2. Main tension drive rollers:Φ127mm paper pass rollers and paper guide rollers:Φ110mm

3. Paper feeding rollers with belts:Φ110mm


► Spec of Motor:


1. Single face sheet draw motor: 3kw, 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type

2. Draw Fan Motor: 3kw, 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type

3. Paper width adjusting speed reducer: 250w 380V 50Hz Short time (S2) working Type


Double Facer


Structure and Features:


1. Hot Plates’ surfaces is grinded and then chromed plated, 12 pieces of hot plates

Hot plates are made by container plates, can pass the national first level pressure container standars

2. Hot plates adopts the compressed press rollers structure.Pressure roller lifting adopt pneumatic structure

3. Up convey belt left and right correct by auto with both sides, tension adjusting system; down belt manual small amount adjust.

4. Drive rollers’ surface is wrapped by rubber, Y shape structure,with middle height,to make sure the board can be out smoothly

5. Main drive motor: Variable frequency motor, high force when low speed start, high speed adjusting range, steady to use,easy to mend.

6. Hot Plates’ heat pipe piecewise control temperature.

7. Up belt adopt double cylinder S type tensioning device

8. Under belt adopt S type manual correct tensioning device.


► Common Spec:


1. Temperature requirement: 160—200℃ Steam Pressure :0.8-1.3Mpa

2. Air pressure:0.6—0.9Mpa

3. Cool shaping length: 4m Heating plates amount: 9pieces


► Spec of the rollers’ diameter:






Up drive roller


Φ400mm (Wrapped by anti-grinded rubber)



Down drive roller


Φ400mm (Wrapped by anti-grinded rubber)



Front driven belt roller





Back Shaping Driven belt roller





Belt Press roller



Shaping Holder Roller



Up Belt Tension roller



Up belt correcting roller



Down Belt Tension roller



Down Belt Holder Roller



Note: All the surfaces of the rollers are grinded and then chromed plated.


► Spec of Motor:


Main Drive Motor: 37kw Frequency

Nominal voltage: 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working Type.


FTKM Electric Slitter Scorer



► Structure and Features:

1. Overcome the phenomenon of collapse the board when crop, smooth cutting, and the quality is improved

2. The machine can move lift and right, adjust by cycloidal reducer.

3. Cutter and line pressing adjustment convenient, error is ±0.5 mm, with automatic sharpening device.

4. 4blades 6 lines type, blade is made of tungsten alloy steel, life is more than 30,000 m

► Technical parameter:

1. Max. width:1600mm

2. Specification: 4 knives 6 lines

3. Min. Cut width:135mm

4. Max cut width:1650mm

► Motor:

1. Knife motor:0.4KW

2. Knife driver motor:5.5KW


NC-S Cut Off Machine



► Structure and Features:


1. Cutting length:500mm-9999mm. Cutting precision:±1mm.

2. Knife shaft gear using precision forging steel material high frequency quenching, lateral clearance transmission , adopt the keyless connection mode, high driving accuracy.

3. Helical knife structure,type sawtooth knife,decrease cutting obstruction,low noise.

4. Balance treatment, high quality alloy steel for blade shaft,which helps to keep it good stability.

5.Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyer.The transporting is stable and with even pressure,which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.

6. Precision adjustable gap gear, ensure blade precision engagement, running balance.

7. Machine base and wall panel adopt the grey cast iron, good rigidity, strong vibration resistance.

8. The servo controller control the servo motor, Taiwan Eview 10.4 inch touch screen

Technical parameter:

1. Min. cut length:500mm 2. Max cut length:9999mm

2. Cut precision: uniform velocity ±1mm, non-uniform velocity ±2mm


1. Main motor:12.5kw Ac synchronous servo

2. Feeder motor:3 kw(Frequency control the speed)

3. Lubricating oil pump motor:0.25kw


Carton Sheet Stacker


► Structure & Features:

1. Weld by 14 # channel steel, electric to adjust the size of the board, pneumatic to control the the output on transverse direction, output speed can be adjusted electrically.

2. Corrugated sheet can be controlled output by foot switch when the mount or height of stacking corrugated sheet reaching the needs.

3. Longitudinal joint paper adopt wide conveyor belt conveyor.


► Common Spec:

1,Max length of stacking:3000mm

2,Max height of stacking: 200mm

► Spec of Motor:

1. Main feeding frequency variable motor: 3KW Frequency conversion motor

2. Transverse direction motor: 1.5KW Three-phase asynchronous motor

3.Traveling motor: 1.5KW Three-phase asynchronous motor


Glue Making System


1. Supply the glue for the single facers and double glue machine which use glue water

2. The glue in the glue storage tank are transported by the glue pump to the device.

3. After the work finished, rest glue of each glue using devices are draw to the glue return storage tank to prepare for the next time using.

4. Responsible for technique guidance, and glue making way.


Steam System

► Structure & Features:

1. To supply the heating energy for the various heating parts of the line, and keep the working temperature steady.

2. Each groups are deigned to be single steam supply system, temperature control by separately, energy saving and adjust conveniently.

3. Temperature controlled by adjusting the steam pressure, and with pressure gauge.

4. To long the using line of the rotary joints, the pipe system and rotary heating parts are connected by metal flexible pipe to realize the flexible connection

5. All the steam pipes are made of seamless steel pipe, to make sure the safety under the normal pressure.


► Common Spec:

  • Suitable boiler: 2t/h
  • Suitable boiler pressure:1.25Mpa
  • Temperature inside of pipe: 170—200℃

Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System 0Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System 1Fully Automatic 3 Ply Corrugated Box Making Machine Electric Control System 2


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