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High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm

High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm

  • High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
  • High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
  • High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
  • High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
  • High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei,China
Brand Name: SOOME
Certification: CE
Model Number: SMPL-3-1800
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Contact
Packaging Details: Wooden case or plastic film
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 5 Set / Month
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Detailed Product Description
Used: Making Corrugated Cardboard Paper Speed: 80/120/150/200 M/min
Layers: 3/5/7 Layers Paper Wide Size: 1800/2000/2200/2500mm
Port: Tianjin Port Warranty: One Year
High Light:

corrugated paperboard production line


carton production line

High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm


Main Technical Parameters and Requirements

Model: SM100-1800-3


Design Speed:100m/min

Economic Speed: 80m/min for 3 Ply sheet 

Working Width:900mm-1800mm


The raw paper used in line speed test should meet the following requirements:

Grade of Raw Paper ≥B *Water Rate of Raw Paper: 11%±1%

* Surface Paper: 150-250g/㎡ *Core Paper: 150-250g/㎡ *Corrugated Paper: 105-180g/㎡

Line Length: (The exact length shall be based on the foundation drawing)

Flow Direction: As per the workshop


SM-WZ Electric Mill Roll Stand



Technical Parameters

  • Roller scope of base paper:Ø350mm-Ø1400mm
  • Max. load: 2000kg
  • Air pressure(MPa): 0.6-0.9 MPa

Structure and Features

  • Motion type of base paper frame: electric mechanical action
  • Symmetrical structure can install two bundles base paper, to change paper with non-stop.
  • Adopt dynamic drive, can make the base paper lift, clamp, loosen, move and center.
  • Head of paper clamping part with mechanical expansion design.
  • Tension control adopt pneumatic brake, manual control and also can be on-line controlled together with paper receiving part.

Raw material and Origin

  • Principal axis of holder and arm lock: HT200 casting Origin: Hebei
  • Wallboard of two sides:Q235A welded sheets Origin: Handan
  • Bearing: HRB
  • Electric elements: CHINT
  • Pneumatic components: Shandong


Rail and Trolley

Structural Features


   1. The base paper is fed in for use, conveniently and flexibly

   2. The whole rail is under ground with its main structure welded by 16# channel from Tianjin or Jinan, firm and durable.

   3. Six trolleys are matched for paper feeding from two sides


SMYR Single &double roll Pre-heater


Structural Features

  • Each roller surface is treated with exactly grinding and chrome plating, glorious and durable
  • Electrically wrap angles adjusting ensures paper pre-heating area within 60-270°
  • The pre-heating roller is professionally produced, conforming to the national safety standard of pressure vessel, should be with certificates.
  • The pre-heating roller and paper leading roller are treated with electric plating
  • Wrap angles are electrically adjusted for various papers and speeds

SMDM 120 Single Facer


Parameters of Main Parts:

  • Main corrugated roller:Ø292mm
  • Pressure roller:Ø292mm 45# seamless steel pipe, quenched
  • Glue Roller: Φ216mm 45# seamless steel pipe, surface treated with special mesh nicking and chrome-plating
  • Glue Scraping Roller: Φ130mm 20# seamless steel pipe
  • Pre-heating Roller: Φ320mm 20G
  • Glue tray thickness 2mm stainless steel 

Structural Features

  • This machine adopts independent motor transmission and variable-frequency control.
  • It adopts wind adsorption for paper guiding to keep flute stability at high speed
  • The corrugated paper is adsorbed to the middle corrugated roller to form a negative pressure zone of 180°and then to finish the rolling of corrugation through the vacuum box by fan.
  • The width of suction slot of lower corrugated roller is not more than 2mm, able to reduce the stripe mark on single side corrugated cardboard.
  • The transmission part adopts universal joint transmission and separates the vibration source, which makes the maintainability higher, the transmission more stable and the operation more reliable.
  • The reducer casing adopts oil bath lubrication and closed gear transmission, reducing the vibration of machine.
  • This machine adopts auto-cycle glue supply and pneumatic control glue supply and return, making it be characterized by buffering effect.
  • The glue roller surface is treated with special mesh nicking and chrome-plating
  • Upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of 52CrMo high quality alloy steel.
  • Corrugated roll made of Haili
  • Flute profile: (B flute- teeth and C flute- teeth)


TO-B Single-layer Overbridge


Technical Parameters

  • Paper holding roller:front above Ø135mm back above Ø135mm
  • Low speed conveying roller:drive roller Ø135mm driven roller Ø135mm

Tension bridle roller Ø85mm hanging roller Ø85mm

Adsorption lead roller Ø85mm


Structure & Features

  • It is a kind of bridge type conveyor transport the single corrugated paper to tension brake or adsorption brake by tracker and conveyor for next process.
  • Adopt suction device, high pressure centrifugal converter adsorb the papers by vacuum, electric rectification, assured the paper flat.
  • Electric elements controlled the two sets operation board, it can be adjusted above and below the bridge separately.
  • The tracker use the chain drive to pull the single corrugated paper to the bridge together with the single facer. The conveying speed is slow to that can form the wave overlap for production line.

SMSC Single-roller Auto Gluing Machine


Technical Parameters

  • Pre-heating roller: Φ320mm, exactly grinded and chrome plated
  • Paper leading roller: Φ136mm, exactly grinded and chrome plated
  • Glue roller: Φ240mm, exactly grinded and chrome plated
  • Glue-evening roller: Φ130mm, exactly grinded and chrome plated

Structural Features

  • This machine adopts independent motor transmission and variable-frequency control.
  • It adopts the sync belt for more stable transmission without vibration and noise.
  • The surface of glue roller is treated with special mesh nicking and chrome-plating and the surface of glue scraping roller and ballast roller is treated with chrome-plating after exactly milling
  • This machine adopts the dual paper pressing roller system and pneumatic operation, convenient and flexible. The function of the touch-bar pressure for evener corrugated paper gluing is optional.
  • Auto-cycle glue feeding can prevent the glue from depositing
  • This machine is matched with the pre-heating system, which can speed up glue moulding with firm binding at high speed.

SMSM Double Facer (with driving part included)


Independent Driving Part & Transmitting Part


Hot-plate Parts

  • 16 hot plates,
  • Outline size of hot plates: L2180mm×W600mm×H135mm
  • Material:20G steel from Jigang Group.
  • Processing:surface well-grinded(or chrome plated)
  • Joint style:single-plate cross form
  • Temperature control:multi-group temperature control
  • Pressure style:intensive pressure rollers. Touch bar of the front heating part is optional.
  • Pressure roller:Φ70mm 45# solid steel place of origin: Tangshan
  • Carrying roller:Φ70mm 45# solid steel origin: Tangshan
  • Main driving roller: upper: Φ800mm lower:Φ640mm

Front-driven roller of long belt: Φ320mm, 20# steel from Chengdu

Back-driven roller of long belt: Φ215mm, 20# steel from Chengdu

  • Long& short belt adjusting roller: Φ100mm,20# steel, place of origin: Chengdu
  • Front & back belt carrying roller: Φ100mm, 20# steel, place of origin: Chengdu
  • Manual straining roller: Φ100mm, 20# steel, place of origin: Chengdu
  • Hydraulic stretch roller: Ø100mm 20# steel, place of origin: Chengdu

Structural Features

  • This whole machine adopts high intensity wide channel steel structure, firm,stable,beautiful and suitable to high-speed run.
  • Hot plates are professionally fabricated, conforming to the national safety standard of pressure vessel. The inner S-shape air flow structure helps improve the steam utilization ratio. Multi reinforcing steel bars are welded to keep hot plates non-deforming forever.
  • The cooling-heating section adopts intensive roller pressing structure to make sure the cardboard sticked firmly and shaped smoothly.
  • The steam inlet and outlet of pipeline are S-shaped, keeping the temperature of hot plates steady and balance.
  • The parts of hot plates separately control the temperature, suitable to the adjustment of machine speed.(or chose to figure * show the temperature).
  • The upper cotton belt is equipped manual deflection –corrected system as well as 1 set of pneumatic and 1 set of manual strain device. The lower cotton belt is equipped with strain and left-right adjustment system.
  • The driving part adopts big diameter netted wearable rubber, able to reduce the possibility of belt skidding and improve the operation stability of equipment.
  • This machine adopts independent reducer casing driving and closed oil bath gear transmission, making little noise.

The SMBD electric movement thin blade slitting scorer(Electric adjust blade & Manual scorer)


Structural Features

  • Slitting part: adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice tidier, non-pressing and non-burr.
  • Scoring part: adopt 8 points scoring, scoring distance in-phase adjust, blazonry and easy to bend the carton sheet.
  • Grinding part: adopt automatic and manual two kind’s pneumatic grinding type, it could be grinding when working, improve work efficiency
  • Adopt China famous brand or imported electric element, dependable performance
  • Adopt synchronous belt drive, low noisy, work steady.

* Max running speed for production line: 80m/min


Technical Parameters

  • Max speed:100m/min;
  • Min. slitting :120mm;
  • Min. scoring :30mm;
  • Slitting knife :5 blades;
  • Scoring wheel:8scorers;

SM-120B NC Helical-knife Cutoff


Technical Parameters

  • Max. cutting speed: 120m/min
  • Paper cutting length: 500-9999mm
  • Paper cutting precision: ±1mm (at steady speed).

Cardboard: raw paper < 360g/㎡ , core paper < 200g/㎡

thickness: 3-14mm, water rate < 10%

min. width, angularity: 1000mm < 30mm

  1.  Relative humidity: 20%-90%
  2.  Relative temperature: 5℃-50℃
  3.  Air source pressure: 0.6-0.9MPa
  4. Knife shaft: upper: Φ188mm, lower: Φ188mm
  5. Paper leading roller: upper-front: Φ165mm(sun gear), lower-front: Φ120mm
  6. upper-back: Φ165mm(sun gear), lower-back: Φ120mm

Structural Features


* Special structural design: high intensity machine wallboard and base, transparent window on both sides of wallboard, convenient for examination and maintenance.

* The transmission system adopts oil pump auto-cycle lubrication to ensure the transmission precision.

* Adopting high precision and high rigidity grinding gear with high speed paper tolerance and long service life to make sure of precise meshing of cutting points and sheet clean without burr.

* High precise design of knife shaft and cutter frame ensures smooth cutting at high speed.

* Special blade changer/replacement design ensures the blade changing swift and convenient.

* The entire system adopts C.E. standard design and is subject to the strict measurement of NC industrial grade to make sure of its quality, stability and life expectancy.

* The driving part adopts AC servo with Germanic KEB driver and domestic motor, high quality, fast and precise response.

* Adopting special power-regeneration storage design with quite good power-saving effect and very high ability of overcoming the instability of power in factories.

* The system owns the function of automatic detection, able to prevent from exception usage and damages by missing operation.

* The computer can automatically adjust the acceleration of sheet cutting according to sheet specifications and production speed and automatically track the sheet transmission speed to keep in step.

* The computer can store up to 999 orders and finish them automatically in sequence or as per the prior condition. The screen can show different production information.

  • Cutting length: 500-9999mm, cutting precision ±1mm
  • The helical-knife is made in Taiwan.
  • The knife axle bearing adopts NSK made in Japan, convenient for high-speed running and durable

Single right angle machine


1. Adopt wide conveyor belt to delivery board

2. Splicing length:400-2000mm

3. Splicing height:300mm

4. Distribution speed:0-80m/min.

5. Distribution width:1800mm


Circulatory Glue Making System


Technical Parameters

Glue Making Station

Main tank 650L 1PCS

Carrier tank 1000L 1PCS

Storage tank of glue making space 2000L 1PCS

Storage tank of single facer 350L 2PCS

Glue-return tank of single facer 350L 2PCS

Storage tank of pasting machine 350L 1PCS

Glue-return tank of pasting machine 350L 1PCS


Structural Features


* Providing starch binder for single facer, glue supply machine, etc.

* Horizontal glue making machine can make main glue and carrier glue simultaneously, and then mix them up, which is characterized by large quantity of glue made.

* The glue of storage tank in glue-making house is delivered to the storage tank of each glue-use unit by glue pump to provide the glue for the equipment.

* The storage jar and glue-supply tank have stirring device to avoid glue depositing.

* The glue making system consists of carrier tank, main tank, storage tank, glue supplying pump, glue-returning pump, etc.

* The glue making system adopts cycling glue-feeding. The remaining glue flows into the square glue-returning tank and then the glue there is sent back to the storage tank of glue using equipment, cycling-feeding the glue continuously to achieve the glue saving and the avoidance of pasting and depositing.

* After finishing work, the extra glue in each glue-using unit shall be pumped into the storage tank by the general pipe pump for next use.

  • We take charge of giving technical directions and pass on the formula of binder.

Air Supply System


Structural Features


* Providing compressed air for all air control equipment of the whole production line, keeping the working pressure stable.

* Adapting the compressed air cylinder to supply the air intensively to ensure the air supply pressure stable and air source adequate.

* Filtering the source to keep the supplied air clean and stable.

* Each air-use unit draws the air from the main air pipe and is controlled independently without mutual influences.

* Each air-use unit adjusts the air pressure as required and is equipped with the air pressure monitor panel.

* The random matched pipe is made of high quality PV tube, stable and durable.

* The compressed air should be filtered twice and treated with oil cleaning before the air flows into the air-use unit to ensure the regular and safe use of action element.

* The integrated use of the pneumatic control system and electronic control system makes the operation unified.


Electric Control System

Structural Features


* The single facer, double facer, slitting machine, cutting machine are regarded as the main line to control and coordinate the whole production line.

* The integrated use of the hydraulic control system, pneumatic control system and electronic control system guarantees the advancement of the production line control.

* Each machine is equipped with both independent control system and cross control system for separate and linkage operations.

  • The warning system is equipped among machine groups so as to coordinate work between operators.
  • The speed of each machine can be known from operating station.
  • The Single Facer and Double Facer are equipped with speed display.

Steam System


Technical Parameters

  • Matched boiler pressure: 13Mpa

* Temperature inside the pipeline: 160-200℃

* Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa

* Air inlet pipe of single facer : Φ48mm air outlet pipeline: Φ32mm

* Air inlet pipe of pre-heater: Φ48mm air outlet pipeline: Φ32mm

* Air inlet pipe of triple pre-heater:Φ48mm air outlet pipeline:Φ32mm

* Air inlet pipe of dual gluing machine:Φ48mm air outlet pipeline:Φ32mm

* Air inlet pipe of drying and forming machine:Φ48mm air outlet pipeline:Φ32mm


Structural Features:


* Providing heat energy for heat-using equipment of production line to keep working temperature stable.

* Each group of machine is designed to a small unit of independent air-supply system, which is characterized by sectional temperature control, energy saving and easy adjustment.

* Working temperature is controlled by adjusting steam pressure. Also it is matched with the pressure monitor panel.

* Each drainage unit is matched with evacuation bypath which can reduce the temperature swiftly during off-work.

* Ball float water carrier, 1/2 flexible metalic tube and ball valve connect with bypath and pour plug valve.

* The pipeline system and rotary heating parts are connected by flexible metallic tube so as to extend the service life of rotary joint.

*  All steam pipeline is made of seamless steel printed by antirusting paint, surface brushed with aluminium powder to ensure the use-safety under pressure


Design speed: 100m/min                                                                              Steam Heating

Working speed:80m/min

No. Name Size Configuration Qty.
1 HS-B Electric Mill Roll Stand 1800mm

With expansion clip and Multi-point pneumatic brake; Rail & Trolley



    4500   6sets

SF-FW120 Single Facer

Ø300mm alloy steel corrugated roller; Universal joint transmission; Variable-frequency motor; Electric control the glue width; 1set

TO-B Single layer Overbridge


Adsorbed type and deviation electrically corrected


PH-B Pre-heater


Ø 600mm;With wrap angles electrically adjusted


PH-B Double -roller Pre-heater


Ø 900mm ;With wrap angles electrically adjusted


PM-120C Auto Auto Single layer Gluing Machine


Independent drive. withPLC


DF-C Double Facer

Hot plate: 600mm×16pcs;

cooling part: 4000mm;

With intensive style press roller; long belt hydraulic lifting, upper belt pneumatic straining, automatic deviation correcting; lower belt manually deviation correcting and straining; Independent gear box; Universal joint transmission; including 2 pcs of cotton belts


thin blade slitter scorer



Electric movement blade and scored part

5 blades 8 scores(By electric blade adjust);



RC-120B Helical-knife Cut Off


Germany KEB servo drivers; Max cutting error ±1mm


Paper sheet delivery


Auto paper conveying, counting, zeroing, crosswise output.


Glue Making System

  Standard 1set

Electric control system


Each machine is equipped operations

Full set

High Precision Corrugated Paperboard Production Line 3 Layers 1800 Mm 0

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