150pcs/Min Huge Carton Packaging Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

Place of Origin Cangzhou, China
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number 2034
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wrapped with film or in wooden case
Delivery Time 50-60days after deposit
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability 25sets per month
Product Details
Application For Corrugated Carton Box Printing Diecutting Max. Speed 150pcs/min.
Suitable Sheet Thickness 3-15mm Printing Plate Thickness 7.2 Mm
Precision ±0.5 Mm Feeding Type Automatic Lead Edge Feeder
Electrics Brand China Brand Or Customized Adjustment By PLC In Touch Screen
Warranty One Year Voltage 220 / 380 / 440V
High Light

150pcs/min flexo printer slotter


carton packaging flexo printer slotter


carton packaging printer slotter machine

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Product Description

Huge carton packaging for refrigerator, air conditioner, bicycle making machine, big flexo printer slotter​
I. General introduction

This product can complete multiple processes such as two-color printing, slitting, creasing, trimming, grooving, and die cutting of cardboard at one time. It adopts Taiwan roller type leading edge positioning automatic paper feeding mechanism, adjustable air volume, and host frequency conversion control. The whole machine adopts PLC and color display screen to carry out multi-function control on the machine, which is convenient, fast and flexible. Phase adjustment through digital display electric adjustment, automatic return to zero, automatic reset; transmission gear adopts 40CrMnTi high-quality alloy steel, material carburizing and quenching, fine grinding processing; main drive gear and drive shaft adopt tension-free keyless connection method to enlarge the virtual position The abrasion of the center is eliminated, so that the printing machine maintains long-term overprinting accuracy. The whole machine adopts electric separation and closing, pneumatic locking, and the single machine is tightly integrated, and the overprinting does not move. The machine has accurate overprinting, exquisite printing patterns, use and maintenance. Convenient, high degree of automation.


II. Main technical parameters




2000×3400 MODEL

Max. printing are

mm 2000×3400

Skip feeding size

mm 2000×3600

Min. sheet size ( L x W )

mm 700×800

Printing plate thickness

mm 6

Suitable sheet thickness

mm 3~15

Max. machine speed

sheets/min 150

Economic speed

sheets/min 100-120

Main motor power

KW 30

Overprinting precision

mm ±0.5

Slotting diecutting precision

mm ±1.0


 III. Feeder unit




Machine separation and combination

1) The alarm bell is attached to the clutch of the electric control machine, and a continuous alarm sounds during travel to ensure the safety of the operator.

2) Pneumatic interlocking device.

3) When the host motor starts the protection device, when the whole machine is not locked, the host cannot run.


Leading edge roller

Paper feeding system


1) Auxiliary paper feeding by suction, fan 7.5KW, can adjust the air volume according to different bending conditions of cardboard to ensure smooth paper feeding. (Valve adjusting air volume)

2) Taiwan automatic roller feed mechanism is selected.

3) The position of the side fence and rear box is adjusted electrically.

4) Paper feed counter, set and display the production quantity, and alarm automatically.


Paper feed roller

1) The outer diameter of the upper paper feed roller is Ø136mm, solid steel, wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and the balance is corrected.

2) The outer diameter of the lower paper feed roller is Ø156mm, embossed with hard chrome.

3) Manual adjustment of the gap dial of the paper feed roller, the adjustment range is 1.2 ~ 11mm.


Automatic zeroing device

1) Paper feeding section, printing section, electric auto-zeroing, erasure memory.

2)Generally, the carton uses an automatic zeroing device, which can be used to erase the printing plate. Two test prints can be adjusted to the correct position to reduce cardboard waste.


IV. Printer unit




Printing roller

(Plate roller)

1) Outside diameter is Ø700mm (including plate outside diameter)

2) Number of metal meshes: from 180-280 lines / inch, optional by customers. The surface of the steel pipe is ground and hard chrome plated.

3) Perform balance correction and smooth operation.

4) Ratchet fixed scroll shaft.

5) Full-version hanging plate slot, suitable for 10mm × 3mm hanging plate.

6)Equipped with a quick plate changing device, which is convenient for loading and unloading printing plates.


Printing roller

1) Outside diameter is Ø240mm and wall thickness is 22mm.

2)The surface of the steel pipe is ground and hard chromium plated.

3) Perform balance correction and smooth operation.

4) Manual adjustment of the gap between the printing pressure roller and the adjustment range is 3 ~ 15mm.


Paper feed upper and lower rollers

1) Upper roller: Ø136mm thick-walled steel pipe with three Ø156mm paper feed rings.

2) Lower roll: Ø156mm thick-walled steel pipe with polished surface and hard chrome plating.

3) Manual adjustment of the gap dial of the paper feed roller, the adjustment range is 3 ~ 15mm.


Steel Anilox Roller

1) The outer diameter is Ø320mm. The wall thickness is 30mm.

2) The surface of the steel tube is ground, anilox-pressed, and hard-chrome plated.

3) Perform balance correction and smooth operation.

4) Cooperate with the air feeding type automatic lifting device of the paper feeding system (the anilox roller descends and contacts the printing plate during paper feeding, and the anilox roller rises and separates from the printing plate when paper feeding stops)

5) Anilox roller with wedge-type overrunning clutch, convenient and quick for ink uniformity and washing.


Rubber roller

1) The outer diameter is Ø240 ± 0.02mm.

2) The surface of the steel pipe is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber and the balance is corrected.

3) Special high-rubber grinding of rubber, good ink transfer effect.


Phase adjustment mechanism

1) Planetary gear structure.

2) Printing phase adopts electric digital display phase.

3) Adjust the lateral position manually, the adjustment distance is ± 7.5mm.

4) The computer memory automatically resets the system after cleaning the printing plate in the printing process.


Ink cycle

1) Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, simple operation and maintenance.

2) Ink filter, filtering impurities, water and ink separation.


Printing phase


1) Cylinder type automatic braking device

2) When the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted, the brake mechanism restricts the machine to rotate and maintains the fixed point of the original gear position.


V. Slotter unit




Operational control

1)The paper passing gap adopts a hand-adjustable quick-gap fine-tuning self-locking device.
2)Equipped with emergency stop device to ensure safety.


Computer tuning operation control

1)Adopting single-axis and double-knife structure, the back knife is adjusted by electric and computer settings;
2)All four tool holders can be moved, and the adjustment interval is adjusted by electric and computer settings;
3)The surface of the knife shaft and the crimping shaft are hard chrome and refinished;
4)Manual two-way locking to adjust the clearance of the pressure roller, the adjustment is fast and convenient;
5) The brake mechanism is used to keep the position of the front knife fixed when the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted;



Pre-press wheel


1)The upper and lower shaft diameters are Φ110mm, equipped with four sets of wire rollers.

2)The position of the crimping wheel and the slotted cutter head are adjusted synchronously in the axial direction.

3)Equipped with a pre-pressing wheel can effectively prevent the cardboard from breaking.


Paper / slotted knife holder


1)Grooving knife thickness 7mm, high-quality alloy steel heat treatment tooth groove grooving machine, manufactured by professional manufacturers to ensure quality.

2)The shaft diameter is Φ156mm. The surface is chrome-plated for smooth movement.

3)Slotting, crimping wheel, and axial manual adjustment of position.

4)The slotted knife can be moved, which is suitable for producing large-size double-piece boxes.

5)Adopt unique chip-type chip-removing device to reduce cost and long life.

6)Alignment is accurate and efficient.


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