Single Colour Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Single United Tightly With Exquisite Picture

Place of Origin China Hebei Dongguang
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number SMYS-ZS
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wooden or plastic * 40”container
Delivery Time 45 Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 20 set /month
Product Details
Condition New Packaging Type Carton Box
Usage Carton Box Printing Drive Type Electric
Neer Port Tianjin
High Light

flexo printer slotter machine


printing slotting die cutting machine

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Product Description

100Pcs/min Corrugated Carton Box Automatic Medium Speed Flexo Ink Printer Slotter Die-Cutter Machine
Main mechanical functions:
This product can be used to finish double printing, cutting, creasing, trimming, slotting of cardboard at one time, and the main machine is controlled by frequency conversion.Multifunctional control,convenient,shortcut ,nimble.Phase adjustment through digital - to - digital adjustment,Automatic return to zero,self-reset;Drive gear adopt 40CrMnTi high quality alloy steel, Material Carburizing quenching,finishing grinding;Main drive gear and drive shaft adopt tensionless key free connection,virtual potential amplification,canceling the wear of the center,to keep the printing press with a long life precision of overprinting;the whole machine adopts electric splicing,pneuma-lock ,single machine United tightly,overprint cannot move;this machine overprint accuracy ,the pattern of printing is exquisite,easy to use and maintain, high degree of automation and other characteristics.
I. Feeder paper part
1. Feeder paper
1) Automatic feeder paper.
2)  High strength engineering plastics, low noise, durable.
2. Feeder paper roller
1)  Up roller:External diameter Ø89mm,Thick-walled steel pipe,with three External diameter Ø136mm paper feeding ring.
2) Down roller:External diameter Ø156mm,Hard chromium plating.
3) Feeder paper roller interval division circle manual adjusted,adjusted scope 1.2~11mm.
II. Printing part
1. Printing roller (Plate)
1) External diameter Ø600mm(plate external diameter size )
2) First part 220 line,second part 220 line, customers are free to choose.
3) Steel tube surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
4) Balance correction, smooth operation.
5) Ratchet fixed reel shaft.
6) Full version hanging plate slot, applicable to 10mm × 3mm hanging plate bar.
7) Quick plate changing device, easy to load and unload printing plate, with foot switch electric control forward and backward.
2 . Printing pressure roller
1) External diameter Ø156mm wall thickness 18mm.
2) Steel tube surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) Balance correction, smooth operation.
(4) Printing press roller clearance calibration adjustment range manually1.2~11mm.
3 . Feeder paper roller
1) Up roller:External diameter Ø89mm,thick-walled steel pipe,with three External diameter Ø136mm paper feeding ring.
2) Down roller:External diameter Ø156mmthick-walled steel pipe,,surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(3) Feed roller gap dial manual adjustment, adjustment range of 1.2 ~ 11mm.
4. Steel anilox roller
1)  External diameterØ216mm.Wall thickness 22mm.
2)  Steel tube surface grinding, pressing mesh, hard chromium plating.
3)  Balance correction, smooth operation.
4)  Air pressure automatic lifting device with paper feeding system (when feeding paper, the roller drops into contact with the printing plate, and when the paper is fed, the roller rises and the printing plate is separated.
(5) Roller with wedge over the clutch, ink, easy to wash ink.
5. Rubber roller
(1) External diameter Ø216±0.02mm.
(2) The steel tube surface is coated with wear resistant rubber, and balance correction is made.
(3) Rubber high special grinding, good ink transmission effect.
6.Phase adjust mechanism
(1) Planetary gear construction.
(2) The printing phase adopts the electric digital display phase.
(3) The lateral position was adjusted manually and the distance was ±7.5 mm.
(4) Automatic reset system of computer memory after cleaning printing plate during printing.
7. Ink circulation
(1) Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, simple operation and maintenance.
(2) Ink filter, filter impurities, ink separation.
8. Printing phase fixing device
1) Cylinder type automatic brake
2) When the machine separates or adjusts the phase, the brake mechanism limits the rotation of the machine and keeps the original gear position fixed. 
III. Die cutting part
1. Operation control
1) The paper passing gap adopts a manual adjustable quick clearance fine adjustment self - locking device .
2) An emergency stop device is installed to ensure safety.
3) The tool shaft and the pressing axis are both hard chromium and secondary finishing grinding on the surface;
4) Manual two-way locking adjustment of pressure wheel clearance, quick and convenient adjustment;
5) The brake mechanism is used to keep the position of the front cutter fixed when the stage is separated or adjusted.
2Preloading wheel
1) Upper and lower axis diameter Φ110mm,Equipped with four groups of press wheel.
2) The position of the wire pressing wheel and the slotting cutter head are adjusted synchronously in axial direction.
3) Equipped with a prepress wheel can effectively prevent cardboard from breaking.
3. Cut paper/die cutting blade seat
1) Die cutting groove width 7 mm, high-quality alloy steel heat treatment die cutting tool, professional manufacturers to ensure quality.
2) The axis diameter is Φ 176mm. Surface grinding chrome plating, smooth movement.
3) Slotting, pressing wheel, position axial manual adjustment.
4) Adopt the unique sponge shavings chip removal device to reduce the cost and prolong the life.
5) Accurate and efficient alignment.
4. Superior rubber wheel(Lower axis)
1) The outer diameter is Φ 341mm.
2) The axis diameter is Φ 176mm. Surface grinding chromium plating, smooth movement
3) Balance correction to increase operational stability.
4) Manually adjust the gap between the cutter and the die.
5) The thickness of the pad is 9 mm and the width is 125 mm.
6) Excellent adhesive adopts detachable type, can quickly replace new superior glue, and restore die cutting accuracy.
7) The linear speed of the superior rubber wheel has the function of automatic compensation, which can automatically compensate the linear velocity after the wear of the rubber to maintain the accuracy of each batch of cartons.
5. Perforating device
Selection configuration
Main technical parameters:

Team Unit 1200*2400 type
Max Printing Size mm 1200*2400
Minimum machining size (L x W) mm 550×550
Printing plate thickness mm 6
Suitable thickness of paperboard mm 1.2~11
Max speed sheets/min 60
Economic speed sheets/min 50
Main motor power KW 7.5
Color accuracy mm Double colors ±0.5
Slotting accuracy mm ±1

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