5 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machinery Carton Production Line

Place of Origin Made in China Hebei
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number SMZB-PL
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Price Contact
Packaging Details Wooden case or plastic film 2*40' container
Delivery Time 50 Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 10 Sets/month
Product Details
Driven Type Electric Type Key Selling Points Energy Saving
Color Depending On The Client Condition New
Automatic Grade Automatic Voltage Customer's Demand
After-sales Service Online Support,24-hours Online Service Usage Making Cardboard Paper
Warranty One Year Packaging Material Plastic,wood
Function High Efficiency
High Light

corrugated carton making machine


corrugated box manufacturing machine

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Product Description

5 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machinery Carton Production Line


Technical specification of cardboard production line


1 .Design Speed:100m/min Economic Working Speed:30-90m/min

2 . Max Width:1400mm

3 . Paper cutting length:500mm~9999mm

4 . Cutting precision:±1mm

5 . Paper requirement:100g~650gAll kinds of high - medium roll paper

6 . Production Line Length:abolut 45meters(The specific length shall be based on the foundation drawing)

7 . Overall Size:40m×6m×4.5m(L×W×H)

8 . Operating Direction:Control side left or right side according to the user factory.

9 . Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

10 . Total Power: 80KW


Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand


Structural Features:


1 . The symmetric structure can be installed with two bundles of base paper at the same time used to change papers without halt.

2 . This machine adopts the electric driver to finish lifting up or down, clamping, loosening and centering the base paper.

3 . The head of clip paper adopts expansion style.

4 . The tension control adopts pneumatic braking,manual controling, which can also be on-line control together with Paper Splicer to option.


Paper Feeding Trolley and Ground Rail


Structural Features:


1 . The base paper is fed in right position, conveniently and flexibly.

2 . The whole rail is under ground and the main structure is welded by 12 channels, firm and durable.

3 . Two paper feeding trolleys are used to feed papers from two sides.


Automatic Aligning Machine




1 .The machine uses chongqing dongdeng card non - carbon brush motor rectifying system, the durable rectifying effect is good, the motor power

is 130W.

2 . The machine is made up of 4 layer, each has a frame, paper roller dia is 104mm, and the rectifying roller dia is 86mm.

3 . The surface of each roll is treated with precision grinding and chrome plating, which is clean and durable

4 . The non-carbon brush stroke motor controls alignment automaticly and has the function of automatic correction, which improves the efficiency of the whole machine, easy to operate.

5 . Rectifying system uses a high performance of microcomputer CPU and large scale integrated circuit, using advanced fuzzy algorithm, with precision ball screw, brushless servo motor combination of high-performance rectifying guidance system..

6 .Voltage:220v50HZ

Machine size:2700*1000*2100(L*W*H)


4 Layer Pre-heater


Stucture features:


1 . The surface of each roll is treated with precision grinding and chrome plating, which is clean and durable.

2 . Preheat roller and paper guide roller with plating treatment.

3 . The heating device is quartz tube, each 3kw, each roll with 2 pieces.

4 . Voltage:220V,50Hz

5 . Machine Size: 2400*850*2400(L*W*H)


3 Layer Gluing Machine


Machine Features:

1 . The surface of the rubber roller is treated with special reticulated engraving and chrome

plating. Uniform glue and small amount of pulp.

2 . The rotation of the rubber roller is controlled by the inverter motor and inverter, which

ensures that the speed of the roller is synchronous with the compaction machine and

can operate independently.

3 . Electric digital display adjusts the glue quantity, motor power:0.18KW There is encoder on the machine, and machine adopts pneumatic pressure paper structure and clearance by electric adjustment.

4 . Automatic circulation for glue, which can control the amount of glue effectively, avoid glue precipitation, guarantee good glue and save glue. Pressure roller adopts pneumatic lifting

5 . The gluing pump is a gear glue pump and the motor is 1.5kw. The driving power of independent variable frequency motor is adopted on the upper and lower levels.3kw per motor, total 3 motors. The heat dissipation fan adopts 3 phase 380V


Slitting Machine


Structure Features:


1 . The machine consist of feeding part and slitting part with up and down cutting knife.The machine is equipped with 6 cutting knife, frame and paper transmission parts is equipped with 2.2 kw frequency motor.

2 . Thefeeding part is to send the bonded paper to the splice machine and then deliver to the cross cutting machine with uniform speed, and make sure the cross cutting evenly and accurately

3 . The feeding part consists of two 500mm rubber rolls( up and down), with a 15mm thickness single and hardness is 75-80, the high strength of acid and alkali, which makes the rubber roller not easy to deform and has a long service life. Pressurized form is pneumatic pressure.

4 . The transmission part of this machine is equipped with a 11kw variable frequency motor


Helical Knife Nc Cutter Machine


Structure Features:


1 . Special structure design, strong mechanical wallboard and base, wallboard with perspective window for easy observation and maintenance.

2 . The transmission system uses the oil pump with automatic circulation lubrication to ensure the transmission precision

3 . The machine uses high precision, high hardness grinding gear, and machine has high speed and long life, It can ensure the precise meshing of the cutting edge, the paperboard is flat and no rough edges.

4 . High precision knife shaft, blade design, high-speed cutting is very smooth.

5 . The computer can adjust the cutting speed automatically according to the cardboard specification and production speed. Automatically track the speed of the cardboard and keep it in sync.

6 . The computer can store 999 orders and complete the order or according to priority conditions automatically.

7 . Cutting paper length is 500~ 9999mm, cutting paper accuracy is plus or minus 1mm.


Semi-Auto Stacker Machine



The machine is composed of three parts, 3m feeding part, green transmission belt which is wear-resisting and durable, drive motor with 2.2 kw speed regulating motor, cross out the back pass axis 10 80 x1. 9 meters chain transmission, lateral transfer motor 1, 5 kw. Cross out of 20 root diameter after 60 mmx1000mm roller shafe


Pressing Machine


Machine Features:


1 . This machine is composed of top and bottom rubber roller, pressure device, transmission device, feed shaft, frame, etc.

2 . The machine is the adhesive of the paper, the pressure can be adjusted according to the variety of paper and related conditions. The paper axis is 124mm, and the shaft can be adjusted up and down. The shaft is engraved with a spiral groove, so that the cardboard can enter into the compaction without any deformation. The diameter of the rubber roller is 500mm, the wall thickness of the roller is 30mm, which can prevent the deformation of the roll body during pressure. The adhesive has a hardness of 15mm with a hardness of 75~ 80, and the adhesive material is made of ding qingrubber. It has high acid and alkali strength, which makes the rubber roller not easy to deform, and the service life is long.

3 . The transmission gear motor is 7.5KW converter motor 1. Pneumatic lifting of roller, 160*25 for cylinder

4 .Voltage:380V/50Hz

5 . Machine Size:3500*720*1500 (L*W*H)


Heating and Colding Machine


Machine Features:


1 . Heating Type:Steam Heating.

2 . Heating department: the roller diameter is 240mm, wallboard thickness: 16mm.6 group 7 meters big channel steel welding for 200# national standard channel steel welding assembly.

3 . Colding roll: the roller diameter is 104mm, wallboard thickness: 12mm.

4 . 8 group 6 meters large steel channel steel welding for 200# national standard channel steel welding assembly.

5 . Pneumatic lift of pressure roller can adjust the pressure to suit all kinds of quality paper adhesion.

6 . The cooling section is equipped with 6 fans, and the fans are used to blow the cardboard so that they can cool the heated cardboard quickly.

7 . Independent motor drive, frequency conversion control.

8 . The enclosed drying oven adopts 1. 5mm iron sheet metal double layer design layer to keep the temperature inside the sealed box.


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