Corrugated Carton Strapping Machine High Capacity Supply Power 380V 50HZ

Place of Origin China Hebei Dongguang
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number SMDB-QZD
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wooden or plastic * 40”container
Delivery Time 30Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 25 set / month
Product Details
Electric Schneider/Siemens Bearing HRB Or NSK
Sensor Omron Power 3Kw
Usage Strapping Carton Box Warranty 12 Months
High Light

corrugated box strapping machine


polypropylene strapping machine

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Product Description

Corrugated Carton Strapping Machine High Capacity Supply Power 380V 50HZ
  It is suitable for automatic packing and packing of cartons, cartons, paper packages, etc. in food, medicine, hardware and other industries.
1,  Automatic strapping machine, without manual insertion, high efficiency and low labor intensity;
2.  The packing is excellent, with few failures and easy maintenance.
3.  The parts of baler are machined precisely by computer numerical control machine tools.
4.  Packing action is gentle, durability is excellent, packing function is perfect.
5,  After the packaging is finished, the motor will stop immediately and save electricity.
When use the machine, users must understand the function of each switch to ensure correct, safe operation of the machine, so as to avoid the cost of the machine can not work.
1. Touch screen
Users can choose according to the strapping requirements of the operation.
2. Start button
After the machine starts, press the start button, the machine starts to work properly.
3. Reset button
The machine in an emergency stop, suddenly cut off or after the failure of the boot, press the reset button for 3 seconds to complete the whole machine reset.
4. Transport selection button
(1) when the knob is in the automatic gear, the machine automatically carries on the box.
(2) when the knob is in the position of the transmission, the machine is only the delivery table work, the product of the input only forward.
5. Emergency stop button
Press the emergency stop switch, the power indicator light is still on, the rest of the action to stop. No matter what kind of machine, if the machine immediately stop running, just press this switch can, if need to restart, in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the switch to a point, then press the reset button, so that the machine reset and then start work.
Technical parameters

Name Parameter

Strapping line total power(incl. steering machine/
direction turn machine,gather align machine,
strapping machine

Source Three phase five line
Steering machine L2210 W2050 H1350
Gather align machine L1800 W2050 H1350
Strapping machine L1500 W665 H1792
Speed 15pcs/min
Working environment Relative humidity lower than 90%,temperature 0-40℃, noise lower than 75dB(A)
Belt width 5mm
Belt index dial specification

Paper core inner diameter 200mm-210mm,outer
diameter 400-450mm,width 175-190mm

Gluing method Heat fusion

Glue connect way

Bottom glue, glue area higher than 90%,glue location deviation lower than 2mm

Tightness degree 0-45KG
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Roller material stainless steel
Roller diameter 50mm
thickness 1.5mm
Feeding speed 0-50m/min
PLC Siemens
Touch screen Weilun Taiwan
Electric elements China/ Beijiafu Germany
Driver Schneider
Bearing HRB / NSK
Button Schneider CHINT
Sensor Omron
Motor GPG

Corrugated Carton Strapping Machine High Capacity Supply Power 380V 50HZ 0