Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter With Folder Gluer / Die Cutting Machine Speed 220PCS / Mi

Place of Origin Made In China
Brand Name SOOME
Certification CE
Model Number SMYS-LD-2400
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Wapped With Film
Delivery Time 60 Days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 10 Set /Month
Product Details
Usage Paper Printer Color Customized
Voltage Optional Speed 200PCS/Min
Print Accuracy ±0.4MM Boards Type A / B / C / A+B / B+C
High Light

cardboard manufacturing machine


corrugated box manufacturing machine

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Product Description

Fully Automatic High Speed Flexo Printer Slotter Rotary Die Cutter With Folder Gluer Machine




The new type printer folder gluer machine,my company absorbs the design concept from a well-know Japanese company,adopts full-servo-control,the design speed is 350PCS/Min and the gluing department has two choices.According to the customer's request,it can be glued on the paste wheel,and it can be glued and folded automatically also.Servo-control is adopted to adjust the paper forming through the secondary pressure wire.The whole system adopts integrated automatic cotrol.It is convenient to operate and it can store 999 orders.The use of a fully automatic linkage gluing machine can creat a greater profit margin for the company.This whole printer folder gluer combines line requires only 3-4 operators,saving time,labor,energy and effciency,realizing a truly industrialized production.


Feeder Unit


1. Continuous or skip feeding is available with counter;

2. Copy sun automation lead edge feeder with strong vacuum transfer for precise and stable feeding;(made from Guangdong province)

3. Variable frequency drive control for vacuum blower fan for increased or decreased vacuum suction to match different size cardboard.

4. Feeding roll is made of two-layer rubber,inner layer is soft and outer layer is hard,this makes inner layer more flexible and surface more wear-resistant,and reduce the flute damage of the cardboard;

5. Dust remove system with brush and segmented vacuum sheets cleaner;Self-locked system adopts for adjusting feeding rolls gap,motorized and PLC control of feeder side guides;

6. Motorized backstop forward /backward and up/down position for easy and quick adjustment;

7. Main motor is protected from starting up when units are not fully closed and locked.


Printer Unit


1. With four unit ceramic roller and rubber roller.

2. Mounting roller with left and right both of side locking device,let the mounting position more accurately.

3. Pneumatic clutch is adopted on the anilox roll to:

(1) Make the roll run at the same speed as the main motor when the unit is printing;

(2) Make the roll stop when the unit is not printing;

(3) Reduce the possibility of damage to the rubber roll and the anilox roll for inproper operation;

(4) Allow units which are not in use to be washed up while running.

4. Printing register is digitally controlled by motor and PLC.

5. Transverse register is also digital controlled by motor and PLC ±10mm.

6. Quick set and self locking pull collars.

7. A fixed device of printing register and brake of electromagnetic clutch is used when the unit is opened.upon closing the unit,the positions are precisely restored so the unit is ready for production without adjustment.

8. Cleaning function can be automatically switched to ensure the ink recycling thoroughly

9. Automatic resetting after cleaning the printer

10. With six units ceramic roller and four units doctor blade.

11. Ceramic roller LPI according to customer requirement.


Slotting unit


1. Single shaft five blades slotting ,an internal gear adjusts the height of the carton box and prevents the lubricating oil from spilling or leaking onto the cardboard.

2. The first pre-creasing,the cardboard not be damaged after prepressing.

3. Upper creasing roll covered by anvil ring,so cardboard is not damaged easily.

4. Slotting bosses move along liner lead rails and are driven by lead screws for flexible and precise movement.

5. Upper boss and lower boss are coupled to keep the two knives aligned while moving,which is helpful to prolong service life.

6. Slotting register and height of carton box are digital controlled by motor and PLC.

7. Transversal movement of the pre-creasing rolls,and slotting bosses’ are digital controlled by motor and PLC.

8. Motorized controls of the slotting bosses caliber.

9. A protective device prevents the slotting knife from crashing when the height of the carton box is adjusted.

10. Flexible angle cutting knife can cut 3 or 5 or 7 ply cardboard with no adjustment,easy to operate.


Die cutting unit


1. With separate servo motor.

2. Side to side oscillation of anvil drum(45mm).

3. The die drum’s transverse movement can prolong the service life of anvil cover.

4. Die-cutting register is digitally controlled by motor and PLC

5. The die-cut cylinder lateral register is digitally controlled by motor and PLC,rang about±10mm

6. Motorized caliper adjustment between anvil roll and die drum.

7. Auto speed compensation system controlled by the independent motor can achieve the superb die accuracy.

8. Anvil rubber roller speed compensation adopted independent motor fordriving to control the rubber roller speed,the compensation scope is ±3mm.

9. Anvil trimmer to keep surface of the anvil covers flat and smooth.Anvil cover is Depride made from Germany.

Linkage Unit

Gluer Unit


1. Glue applicator wheel RMP synchronized with folding belts.

2. Volume of glue application suits for speed of main unit.

3. Nozzle type glue applicator optional(length and position of glue application automatically adjustable)


Folder Unit


1. High-pressure air blower equipped to get rid of wasted scraps existing at gluing flaps.

2. Folding belts,assisted by vacuum suction,achieve relaible transfer of folding cartons.

3. Hydrolic control of tension of folding belts,released after machine stops,eliminating belts worm-out.

4. Folder gluer wheel equipped at the end of folder,achieve precise folding.

5. Both bottom folding belts driven by servo motors independently,greatly reducing big tolerance happened in process of transfer.


Stacker Unit


1. Pressurized roller equipped after folding to force forming of glud & folder cartons,pressure motorized adjustable.

2. Mechanical organizer pads glued  & folded cartons to achieve more precise folding.


Counter & Ejector Unit


1. Up loading & counting,avoiding glued area dislocated.

2. Servo driven stacking fork,precise & reliable.

3. Timing driven conveyor,neat & tidy.

4. Ejector equipped with vacuum air blower,press cartons down & neatly.


Operation & Control


1. HMI control & operation.

2. Servo driven,synchronous.


Main Specification


Model SMYS-LD-920 SMYS-LD-1226 SMYS-LD-1630
Max.machine speed 250 Sheets/min 220 Sheets/min 180 Sheets/min
Max.feeding size (L*W) 900*2000mm 1200*2600mm 1600*3000mm
Min.feeding height 300mm 350mm
Min.folding size 240*110mm 250*110mm
Suitable for board A / B / C / A+B / B+C


Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter With Folder Gluer / Die Cutting Machine Speed 220PCS / Mi 0